Transforming Spaces: The Art of Interior Design in Nepal

Nepal is a well-known country with cultural heritage and beauty all around. People from all around the world have come to the country of mountains to find their artistic inspiration. After realizing the value though, Nepal has evolved in the field of interior design.

Interior design in Nepal has received some major accolades from around the world. Although the hype and market for interior design were limited in Kathmandu, interior design in Itahari has taken a major leap.

Silently the concept of interior design in Eastern Nepal has been spreading its wings. Today we will delve into the concept of interior designing, the importance, and the places where you can benefit from interior designing.

What is interior design?

Interior design is the art and science of using the interior space of a building to create an aesthetically good-looking, functional, and better living environment.

The designs and use of the new concepts should be aligned with the customer’s needs and preferences. Even though the concept of interior design varies from place to place, interior design in Nepal is different.

There are plenty of factors that play the lead part in choosing the quality and extent of interior design outcomes in Nepal. Some of the factors include:

  • Size of the rooms
  • The economic background of the family
  • Social and environmental consideration
  • Culture and tradition they grew up in etc.

Interior design in Nepal differs from city to city. If you visit Bhaktapur the design is based upon the Newari culture and tradition. Similarly, vernacular designs are available in remote places and villages.

Modern urban designs come into existence when we talk about Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Butwal. Based on the weather conditions and the people of the city, the design concepts tend to differ.

Why is interior design important?

It is not always about the importance of interior design but at times it is about the quality of the company as well. Kuti Home Decor one of the well-known names has been delivering quality and also excellence for its customers.

The importance of interior design tends to vary from place to place. Things might be different in the USA while things can be different in the context of Nepal. Interior design in Itahari might be different from interior design in Kathmandu.

So we will be talking about the importance of interior design in Nepal.

  • Protection of history and culture

The first valuable importance of interior design in Nepal is the protection of the valuable culture and history that prevails in the place.

Wood carving of ancient gods and goddesses, mural paintings of the rich history, and handwoven textiles to decorate the house are some of the intricate ways to preserve your culture and identity. Therefore interior design is important in Nepal.

  • Maximum utilization of small spaces

Nepal is a developing country with limited economic resources for everyone. With their homes being of smaller size, you must use every space to the maximum advantage.

To do the same interior design in Nepal plays a vital role. From the right selection of sizes of furniture to window placement and perfect decoration of smaller areas, the interior designer plays the lead role.

  • Supporting local talent and artists

In the case of Kuti Home Decor, we have tried to use all the local workforce. People who have the better knowledge and experience in the field. Every employee in the working arena of Kuti Home Decor has been trained to deliver the best.

With the authentic skills and artistry on show, it is easier to achieve the better results. From wood carvers to engineers and designers we provide local talent ample opportunity so that it could boost their living standards.

  • Push to the social and cultural change

Better interior design creates a sense of social networking along with cultural change. In the case of Kuti Home Decor, we design houses, corporate offices, restaurants, hotels, lodges, etc.

With the aesthetic color placement along with interior design, it creates higher footfall. This ultimately will result in better interactions along with cultural change. Kuti Home Decor researches well in the case of creating the authenticity of the local culture which preserves the identity of the place.

Places to implement interior design concept in Nepal

The concept of interior design has been all over the world. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning for a room, kitchen, bathroom, or any corner of the house, it is important to understand the time and results are different.

However, in the context of interior design in Nepal bedroom design and office interior design where you work have been labeled important. At Kuti Home Decor as well we have majorly worked for bedrooms and offices.

Being one of the best interior designers in Itahari we have taken clients’ needs as our own and worked with great honesty. From the findings of bedroom and office design, we would like to shed some light on it.

Bedroom interior design in Nepal

The bedroom interior design in Nepal can be different in different cities. According to the needs, budget, and time frame of the clients, the design tends to differ.

However, there are some common factors which need to be considered.

  • Use of Nepalese artwork, textiles, and architecture.
  • Space planning for bed, furniture, and decorative items
  • Use of comfortable items of furniture for relaxation
  • Detailed study of lightning to create a cozy vibe
  • Use of natural elements like wood, stone, and bamboo to keep it original.
  • Using the input from the client to understand the color palette needed.
  • High importance on privacy and security of the clients.

Office interior design in Nepal

No need to get worried. Kuti Home Decor is a well-known interior designer in Itahari and we have planned plenty of offices. Our ideas and designs have done well and reaped in satisfied customers.

Even though a lot of the things look similar there are distinct differences when we talk about designing the bedroom and office.

Factors to consider for office design include:

  • Proper use of every corner of the office.
  • Design planning based on the use of natural light
  • Selection of ergonomic furniture for the comfort of the staff and clients.
  • Reflection of company identity, vision, and values while designing.
  • Flexibility and adaptability according to the needs of the office in the future.
  • Proper use of technology to make work easier.
  • Use of green design concepts like indoor plants, proper air circulation, reduced stress environment, etc.

Basics of house design in Nepal

Nepal is a developing country that is run by the culture, values, and traditions of the people. No matter whether you talk about the way of life or even interior design, you need to follow through with the norms of the country. 

Preparing the basics of house design in Nepal runs through the available funds, and space along with the religious understanding of the particular group. In the quest to achieve the same, some basics need to looked in. 

  • Embracing tradition in the design is key. Newari, Tharu, Madhesi, etc should have their understanding and culture depicted in the house design.
  • Money should be considered an important factor in house design. With finance being a strain designing should be done based on it.
  • Maximizing the functions of the design is key. You will need to use multilayer options, efficient storage facilities along with value for the land used. 
  • Integrate modern amenities and technologies for comfort, efficiency, and convenience. 
  • Focus on the personal interest of the client, respecting their gods, deities, and navigational information.

Things to focus on while doing interior design for small spaces

Land is of premium when we talk about Nepal and the per capita income of the common people. To make the proper use of the money invested a good design company like Kuti Home Decor comes to the rescue.

When we put light into the things to focus on while doing interior design for small spaces, things can get very tricky. Small mistakes could end up ruining the available space for designing. 

Some of the key things to focus on when performing the interior design for a small space are:

  • Use multifunctional furniture for maximum outcomes
  • Differentiate essential amenities concerning the square footage available. 
  • Use lightning and color which visually expands the space. 
  • Use the concept of modular kitchen, and smart storage functions like storage benches, nesting tables, wall-mounted racks, etc. 
  • Prepare flexible layouts so that they can be changed according to the needs of the family. 

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